Training Your Cat to Use the Electric Cat Litter Box

You have finally purchased your new electric cat litter box and you cannot wait to see how it works.

You are aware of all its features. You now get to the part that will make your purchase most effective based on its features.

Training your cat to use the automatic litter box in order to save you the time you spend cleaning traditional litter boxes that do not self-clean.

The features that make the training easy include the following.

· You will enjoy so much free time as the automatic litter box self-cleans for weeks

· You do not have to worry about orders due to the crystals that absorb urine as well as dehydrate waste

· Will provide you the comfort of a hygienic clean up


This will be fun and not difficult if your cat has been using the normal litter box. However, there are some huddles to consider.

· In case you have a kitten, you may need to do some training such as leaving a scent signal that will guide it to the automatic litter box

· An adopted cat may be used to litter boxes but may also require training to use the new electric cat litter box

· In case you picked up a stray, you will need to do some more training as it is used to the outdoors and finds it hard to use an automatic litter box indoors.

· You also need to consider that adult cats prefer some privacy when using the litter box. Therefore, placement should be considered. In addition, for those of you who have had cats as pets for some time, you realize they have their likes and dislikes. Therefore, keep the electric cat litter box away from its sleeping area.

Once you have placed these considerations to mind, it is time to train your cat to use your new electric cat litter box. Here are some steps to follow that will prove effective.

· Place the automatic litter box where the traditional litter box was positioned; specifically, in a place where you or your family do not normally pass through. This way, your cat knows exactly where to go.

· Ensure you fill the automatic litter box with the litter in the traditional litter box. Leave the new litter box open and give your cat time to test out the new facilities. The scent of the litter and the positioning will guide your cat.

· In case you are transitioning a stray or have a kitten, place some soiled litter in the litter box pan for the first few days, your cat will get the idea after some time.

· You do not have to change litter boxes immediately. You can place the electric cat litter box adjacent to the old litter box. Reduce the litter in the old litter box and increase the same to the new litter box. Within no time, the cat will catch on and start using the new litter box, as it will be guided by the scent. You can maintain this transition period for at least a week.

· Do not turn on the new automatic litter box until your cat is comfortable. The motor noise may frighten them; nonetheless, the noise may intrigue your cat too. Therefore, do not fear to experiment.

· Ensure you give your cat a treat and praise it when it starts using the new electric cat litter box.

Continue to supervise your cat in using the new automatic litter box and with time, you are assured that you will be stress free with no worry in cleaning the litter box on a daily basis.

Therefore, once you have found an automatic litter box and location in your home that your cat accepts, stick to it and your litter cleaning days will be over.

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