Things to Know About Humidifiers before Shopping For One

Choosing a humidifier depends on your needs and its good you know the 3 models of humidifiers you are likely to see in the market. Tabletop humidifiers are used for single room’s humidification and light weight in nature. Whole house humidifiers are designed to humidify an entire building and they usually comes with humidification coverage area. There are ones of 4500 sq. ft. or 2500 sq. ft which are the most common in the market. So what you need do is to calculate your home coverage area to know what square feet you need. While the console humidifiers types are the bulky versions usually placed on the floor. They are similar to the whole house and they have coverage area specifications.

You can find this humidifier reviews guide useful in purchasing a good humidifier for your home as you continue reading this post

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You should also take note that types of humidifiers also exist which we are briefly discussed below:

  • Impeller humidifiers uses high speed rotational disk to deliver cool mist into the air in the building.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers use ultrasonic vibration to also produce cool mist air

Both the impeller and the ultrasonic humidifiers are known for mineral dispersion over the years but as technology advanced it’s getting minimal.

  • Evaporative humidifiers release invisible mist into the air through inbuilt fan that blows the air from a moisten filter or wick material inside the humidifier.
  • And the steam vaporizer humidifiers release steam by first heating the water. the warm mist are example of a steam vaporizers units

For those who wants a whole house humidifier, there are little or no cleaning to do because they usually run through your induct heating system which kills germs and bacteria before distributing the air. And the essence of cleaning the unit is to prevents mold, mildew and impurities which are harmful to health when breathe in. Where you will do more cleaning is with the portable humidifiers. They usually come with tanks that hold stagnant water. Stagnant water promotes the growth of bacteria. So it requires cleaning the machine at least once every week to avoid breathing contaminated air. When cleaning your humidifier, try using a vinegar solution which will helps kill germs properly.

Why use treated water with your humidifier?

Your ordinary water sometimes contains impurities or bacteria that can posse’s threat health especially people with allergies and asthma patients. It is better to use de-mineralized or treated water particularly with some portable humidifiers that do not heat the water before they disperse it as moisture into your home.


Being familiar with the humidifier machine before shopping for one will help you make a wiser decision. When you do this, you will able to save cost in getting a unit that will be less to maintain. Remember cleaning and maintaining is an important factor running a humidifier